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GS-Base 15.9 has been released.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:33 am
by citadel5
Changes in this version:

ver. 15.9 - 12/9/2017:

  • The "Statistics" edit field in the "Field Setup" dialog box now shows also the binary fields (size) statistics and the date statistics (for text fields with the date/time styles set).

  • Three new commands have been added to the context menu in binary fields:

    1. "Load Files From Folder" - importing all files from a given folder to the current field,
    2. "Save All Files To Folder" - exporting all files from the current field to a given folder,
    3. "Open In External Application" - as opposed to the similar "Edit in (...)", the external application for this command can be redefined easily manually in Windows using the "Opens with" Windows file property.

  • The text strings related to binary fields and displayed in tables are now accessible in formulas.